Metafolio v3.9.6/2024

Sustainable Web Development

Finally, after all these years of a socio-technological 2.0 revolution, with its share of falsely emerging solutions to genuine problems that can only be solved if nipped in the bud, which conditions should we learn to create to make an author's name for ourselves? To answer this question, I can only refer you the following checklist, which you will have to adapt to your own situation:
Steps 1 & 5
Your mission dashboard, should you accept it
The MasterCube Alpha ("Testfolio v1" module):
Steps 2 & 6
At the national multi-OS "Externet+" level
A professional web services provider such as OVH France, to (enable you to) expand your activity:
A mobile plan adapted to ever-changing needs. Search Qwant to "compare Internet Service Providers":
Steps 3 & 7
At the national native "Intranet+" level
A multi-OS LAN is better than a hybrid mess: with macOS on the one side, and/or Android on the other (for example):
An instant messaging solution with the native video calling complement thereto, such as Messages and FaceTime for Mac:
Steps 4 & 8
At the national multi-OS "Extranet+" level
An European search engine such as Qwant, although the latter comes short of a professional web referencing solution:
At the international multi-OS "Extranet+" level
A comprehensive "social webmail" solution, such as "Yahoo! Mail" and "Yahoo! Groups":
A video calling solution with integrated messaging, such as Wire:
Steps 9 & 10
At the European multi-OS "Planet+Ultra®" level
A master-franchised author's feedback forum:
At the international multi-OS "Planet+Ultra®" level
A global master franchising solution for web-enabled societal R&D: