Metafolio v3.8/2022

The NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Master Franchising Solution for Web Authors

To Stay One Dimension Ahead
The characteristic of a web program being that it grows in systemic complexity at each new development stage, it quickly becomes necessary, at the approach of each new tipping point, to enhance the NetPlusUltra® Webfolio with a concept presentation Metafolio module such as this one, not only to provide as systemic as possible an overview of the big picture, but also to enable interested visitors to find their way through the subject matter environment under consideration.
The launch of the .ovh extension, in early October 2014, therefore came as a timely dot, insofar as it enabled me to reserve a second main domain name, with a more dedicated professional scope, upon which the European law of intellectual property applies along the same all-rights-reserved rationale with regard to all conceptual development tests to be performed within the purpose of such a web hosting provider's extension.
Folio-chronological approach:
For a conceptual blog-enabled overview of the program, I retro-compiled a publication agenda of the web modules I've been working on under Mac OS X since the beginning of my incubation phase 2/3 in October 2012, upon exiting the Windows XP pre-instruction tunnel of incubation phase 1/3. This first crossing of the matrix puts the emphasis on the underlying engineering framework in development.
Folio-alphabetical approach:
As its name indicates, this perspective enables an alpha-dimensional consultation of the issues raised and addressed throughout the different modules of my NetPlusUltra® Webfolio, with each hyperlink redirecting to the homepage of the corresponding website (whereby the purpose is to show in how far all concept demonstration modules provide for multi-dimensional separation of all parts of the whole).
Folio-conceptual approach:
The Forums, Net Watch, and Safety pages aim to promote a conceptual overview of the networking problem at large, so as to enable prospective affiliate members to assess the pertinence of their own practices with regard to the kind of configuration required for registration.
The route being carefully waymarked with conceptual hints which should not be ignored, I wish you a hypertaining journey!