Metafolio v3.13/2023

The Forum Experience

Considering that the present Metafolio is supposed to provide an inventory of my web presence as considered in its entirety, it would be incomplete without a listing of the forums on which I created an user profile with a view to auditing the user experience in today's internetwork environment at large. These profiles are therefore relatively dormant, since they come as a last resort on the rare occasions when I have a specific problem which the support staff could not help me to solve. In terms of intellectual property, they fulfill the same benchmark-focused purpose as a provider’s extension of the ".ovh" type with regard to the various building blocks which constitute my recommended NetPlusUltra®-sustained configuration (see the End Credits page).
Audit rationale
Please refer to my article of 2014-07-13:
Apple Inc.
Community forum
Alias: "net-plus-ultra"
Community forum
Alias: "Qualiweaver", until update to "net-plus-ultra" in April 2022:
Realmac Software
Community forum
Profile name: "Daniela BERNDT" (created for RapidWeaver 9)
Community forum
Alias: "Qualiweaver"
Community forum
Profile name "Daniela BERNDT":
Qwant Boards
Social community forum
Alias: "Qualiweaver", until service discontinuation in August 2020:
Community forum
Alias: "Qualiweaver"
Social Networks
No presence (or intention) whatsoever
…due to the fundamental - legal and technical - incompatibility of the underlying business models in matters of intellectual property.
Further details