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Welcome to v2.0/2017 of this Newsfolio

This new version proposes a draft resolution of the issue raised on the « Copyright » page of my Lifefolio, in the form of a conceptual selection of citations pertaining to specific news items compiled into an author’s RSS dashboard of news feeds, or Newsfolio.Continue reading

Intellectual property and the science of replication

Year in review : Scientists tackle the irreproducibility problem

Banking on experimental results that don't hold up to replication is expensive. Experimental results that don't hold up to replication have caused consternation among scientists for years, especially in the life and social sciences (…). In 2015 several research groups examining the issue reported on the magnitude of the irreproducibility problem. The news was not good.

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The quality/time ratio

I’m closing this audit of the net watch issue with a reference to my Qualiweaver profile at Qwant, in the hope that the new version of this search engine quickly evolves into something genuinely Made in Europe. Here again, it all depends on what the users will make - or not - of their right of free access to such web services.Continue reading

Welcome to v1.0/2014 of this Newsfolio

This blog-based compilation of press articles is to a NetPlusUltra® website what a webography is to an academic paper. As such, it should 1) neither be taken out of its publication context (which is why is has not been produced using a web service such as Qwant or Twitter), 2) nor be assimilated to a press review or panorama in terms of applicable law.Continue reading