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1 | First, no: I’m not unreachable, just hyper busy weaving my space-times, which is what societal R&D is all about! Meaning that as an independent knowledge professional, I’m not working Live (stuck in the "anytime-everywhere" and of "social netWOKing"), but in differed time (i.e. always somewhere else); not at fixed but variable hours. To reach me, it takes to make an appointment, considering that on my planet, real time translates into a web conferencing session.
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2 | Since only the members of my list of contacts can reach me directly (with all other sources being redirected to a messaging device: phone, chat or mailbox), it also takes to leave a mess@ge! The safest with regard to our respective email addresses is therefore to start by using one of my three contact forms.
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3 | As a conceptual multiverse dedicated to the production of web contents, NetPlusUltra® is also the realm of writing, since an author’s rights can only be reserved by proof, whereby evidence is best constituted in writing. The experience also proves that if something can’t be written, it should not be done either!
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4 | If your browser fires off an alert during a redirection, it might be because you are entering a shared SSL-encrypted web hosting area. Please visit my dedicated checkpoint for further details.
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